Mission Trip

In the US, approxiamately 20% of people under the age of 30 have untreated dental conditions. In third world countries such as Nicaragua, most people have no teeth by the age of 30.

We at Precision Dental believe in quality care, so when we planned this dental mission it was our our goal to bring services to people who had little access if any to routine dental care.

Every morning people young and old lined up outside the clinic waiting to be seen. The dental clinic consisted of a local surgeon and dentist, a third year dental student, my assistant, and me. We worked in a large room with a dirt floor where there was minimal lighting and equipment.

The people were happy to have their teeth filled with our composite materials and the children were so excited to have their flouride treatments and toothbrushes. Their smiles were all the thanks we needed and made us realize just how important this mission was.

At the end of our stay the local people came to thank us for what we had done. On the long ride back to the airport, we had alot of time to think about what we had accomplished and how lucky we are to be able to give regular, quality dental care to our own patients. This was a great experience that we as a group will never forget.